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VGN Sugar Rabbit Lip Glaze

Introducing the VGN Sugar Rabbit Lip Glaze, the latest addition to your self-care routine! Our lip glazes are subtly colored and applied with a glossy finish yet dry matte so you can refresh your look in an instant. As if that wasn’t enough, our lip glaze is also long-lasting and not sticky, making it really comfortable to wear while giving you a gorgeous look all day long.

And let's not forget about the cute bunny containers! You can easily add them to your keychain or purse for easy access anytime and anywhere. Plus, its soft application tip ensures gentle and effortless application without any mess!

VGN Sugar Rabbit Lip Glazes come in four beautiful shades to give you just the right look: Choose the perfect hue for whatever mood you’re in and enjoy a fresh colorful boost of confidence! Shine on with VGN Sugar Rabbit Lip Glaze.