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Tina is a proud Canadian with roots in Kingston. When she returned to study at Queen's, Tina found the city her home and started raising children here too! From traveling abroad to see all those creative new things people were making use of outside Asia but which couldn't be found anywhere else - like fine-tipped gel pens --it wasn’t long before this fascination had broadened into something more than just accessories: There now exists a small business specializing exclusively on importing unique plush toys and stationery from around the world so you can bring some exotic flair into your daycare routine (or whatever).


We’ve got all your stationery needs covered. From fine-tip gel pens and fountain pen inserts, to notebooks in every size imaginable - we have what you need! Not only that but our collection also includes a wide range of plushies; perfect for people who love animals or popular culture characters alike (or both!).
While you’re here, check out our collection of DIY toys and art projects. We also carry a variety of special Asian Beauty Care and Makeup items. Try them out yourself! We know you’re here for the one thing, and that's our awesome selection of DIY toys. But we also carry a variety of special Asian beauty items like makeup!
So whether it be skincare or nail colors - don't hesitate to try them all out in your own home with Midori as well because with everything from mugs & housewares between us there really will always be something just right waiting patiently at this store located near downtown Tokyo-town!
Our friendly staff awaits eagerly until next time so please stop by soon :)


We offer custom-order gift wrapping for an additional fee. For those who are too far away to come in person, we can do phone or internet orders with a small minimum order amount!