Suatelier Sonia Healing Stickers

Introducing Suatelier Sonia Healing Stickers, the perfect way to express yourself and show off your personal style! These enchanting stickers are designed in Korea with love and care, ensuring you get only the best. Each adhesive sheet measures 15 by 11 cm so you can use them on many different projects. Whether it’s decorating a scrapbook, writing letters or creating art pieces, these stickers will be sure to make your creations look extra special.

Not only do these adorable stickers look great but they also come with one important message: self-love! The designer Suatelier Sonia created each piece with an intent of conveying this meaningful message through her work. No matter what challenges life throws our way, having a positive attitude is key to success – so why not show off those vibes with cute stickers that make any everyday activity more delightful?

Go ahead and express yourself today with Suatelier Sonia Healing Stickers! Not only will it add some fun and colour to wherever you choose to stick it but also remind you of the important messages of self-love - after all, we deserve it!