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Space Children Stainless Bento


Let your little ones take their favorite snacks with them on the go with the Space Children Stainless Bento! This super cute bento is perfect for toddlers — especially those who love a good space theme. With four compartments, there's plenty of room to keep lunches separate and organized. The top layer is a great plastic bottle that can be used to heat up food with warm water, or you can use it for sandwiches. Underneath that layer is a stainless steel food compartment with three partitions, so you don't have to worry about any unwanted flavors mixing together. Finally, the top has both a liquid sealing lid and cover that can store cutlery or other utensils. Overall, this bento is sure to bring tons of smiles and satisfaction from your little ones as they explore new galaxies in their lunchbox every day!

Measures: 21 x 17 cm