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Screaming Cat Nightlight- Pink


Introducing the adorable Screaming Cat Nightlight, a perfect addition to any nightstand or bedroom. This whimsical nightlight is shaped like a cute cat with big eyes and a full body, and has a comforting warm glow when turned on. The light emits a comforting and calming glow that helps little ones drift off into sweet slumber.

Product Highlights:

🐱 Quality Materials: Crafted with the highest quality materials for a unique and pleasant look that’s sure to delight! Our Screaming Cat nightlight is made from durable, soft, and safe materials.

🐱 USB Chargeable: Charge this nightlight at your own convenience using any USB port when your power runs low. Charger included!

🐱 Great Gift: Looking for the perfect gift? The screaming cat nightlight is an ideal present for kids, teens, and adults alike who want an ambient night lamp or decor item in their bedroom.