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Sanrio Unicorn A5 Lined Notebook


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Unleash the magic of your thoughts and dreams onto the high-quality pages of the Sanrio Unicorn A5 Lined Notebook. Designed to inspire, this notebook comes adorned with enchantingly whimsical unicorns set against a soft cover β€” the perfect muse for writers, journalers, and dreamers alike.

Product Features:

🌈 Soft Touch Cover: Savour the luxurious feel under your fingertips every time you reach for your Sanrio Notebook. Its sturdy yet velvety cover protects your musings and brings a touch of gentle beauty to your day.

🌈 Lined Paper Perfection: With crisp, evenly spaced lines, your writing will flow as smoothly as your thoughts. The convenience of lined pages helps keep your notes tidy and organized, whether you're jotting down a quick list or composing heartfelt poetry.

🌈 High-Quality Paper: The pages of this notebook boast a premium paper quality that's a joy to write on. Whether you favor a fountain pen or a simple ballpoint, the ink glides effortlessly, and with minimal bleed-through, your creations are kept pristine on every page.