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Sanrio Straw and Spout Water Bottle 520ml


Experience the best of both worlds with the Sanrio Straw and Spout Water Bottle 520ml. This double-feature water bottle boasts two distinct drinking methods, offering unmatched versatility and convenience for all your hydration needs.

With one button, a pop-up straw springs into action, perfect for leisurely sipping. With another button, a spout opens up, ideal for quick gulps or pouring. This unique dual functionality makes it easy to customize your drinking experience based on your activity or preference.

The Sanrio Straw and Spout Water Bottle isn't just practical; it's also delightfully playful. Featuring some of your beloved Sanrio characters, this water bottle adds a dash of fun and nostalgia to your everyday hydration routine.

But the unique features don't stop there. The bottle's distinctive square shape sets it apart from traditional round bottles, offering a fresh take on the standard water bottle design. Plus, it comes with a lanyard for hands-free carry, making it a perfect companion for hikes, gym sessions, or everyday errands.

Safety is paramount with our water bottles. It's BPA-free, ensuring your drinks are free from potentially harmful substances. Plus, its leak-proof design and lid lock feature mean you can toss it in your bag without worrying about spills or accidental opening.

The Sanrio Straw and Spout Water Bottle 520ml combine functionality, style, and fun. Choose yours today and elevate your hydration experience!