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Sanrio QR B5 Lined Notebook


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Discover the charm and quality of the Sanrio QR B5 Lined Notebook, a delightful stationery essential that brings the whimsy of Sanrio to your daily note-taking and journaling. Ideal for fans of all ages, this notebook is designed to captivate with its soft cover featuring beloved Sanrio characters, while providing a premium writing experience.

Key Features:

💕 Soft and Durable Cover: Adorned with colorful and iconic Sanrio characters, the soft cover not only looks attractive but also withstands wear and tear, protecting your thoughts and ideas wherever you go.

💕 High-Quality Lined Paper: The B5 size pages are lined to perfection, offering a neat and organized space ideal for writing notes, creating to-do lists, or even doodling. The paper quality ensures a smooth writing surface that can handle a variety of pens and pencils without bleed-through.

💕 Optimal Size: The B5 size (176mm x 250mm) strikes the perfect balance between ample writing space and portability, easily slipping into your bag or backpack.