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Sanrio Line B5 Notebook


Wrap your most creative ideas, daily musings, and meeting notes in the playful charm of our Sanrio Line B5 Notebook. Each notebook is not just an organizer, but a companion that fits adorably into any Sanrio lover's collection.

Key Features:

πŸ“– Soft Cover: Boasting a delightful, tactile experience, the flexible soft cover features your favourite Sanrio characters in enchanting designs, bending easily for comfort without compromising durability.

πŸ“– Lined Paper: Keep your writing neat and orderly with crisp, evenly spaced lines. Perfect for those who appreciate structure in their notes, the layout ensures legibility and a pleasure to read when reviewing.

πŸ“– Quality Paper: The Sanrio Line B5 Notebook uses premium paper that's gentle on the pen and soothing to the touch. Its heavy-duty quality prevents ink bleed-through, guaranteeing that both sides of the paper are utilized to their fullest, making this notebook an Eco-friendly choice.