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Rainbow Ghost Plush 30cm


Introducing the Rainbow Ghost Plush 30cm ā€“ your must-have cuddle buddy! This adorable plush features a unique design that is sure to be your new favourite. The Rainbow Ghost plush is made from soft, super soft material that is perfect for cuddling with. Its unique shape features a spectrum of bright colours that can add a pop of fun and style to your plush collection.

Product Highlights:

šŸ‘» Soft & Cuddly - This adorable plush is made from super soft material and has a unique design that you won't find anywhere else. Its perfect for cuddling and the spectrum of bright colours adds a pop of fun to your plush collection.

šŸ‘» Filled with PP Cotton - Our Rainbow Ghost Plush is filled with premium PP cotton filling to ensure softness, durability and warmth when cuddled.

šŸ‘» Premium Materials - The Rainbow Ghost plush is made from high quality materials to ensure its long lasting durability and comfort. It's sure to be your new favourite!

šŸ‘» Great Gift - Whether it's for yourself or someone special, the Rainbow Ghost Plush makes a great gift! The unique design and beautiful spectrum of bright colors are sure to be loved by everyone!