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Planet Color Changing Nightlight


Introducing the Planet Colour Changing Nightlight - the perfect companion for a good night's sleep! This adorable nightlight comes in the shape of either a deer or a kitty, and features a unique colour changing feature. With a warm, comforting light, this nightlight will create a calming atmosphere and help you drift off to sleep.

Product Highlights:

🪐 Quality Materials - Constructed with high quality, durable material. This adorable nightlight will last for years!

🪐 USB Chargeable - No need to replace batteries; just plug the included charger in and away you go. Say goodbye to extra costs!

🪐 Charger Included - Don't worry about having to purchase an extra charger; it's already included in the price.

🪐 Great Gift - Perfect as a gift for any age! It's cute design and colour changing features make it the perfect addition to any bedroom.