Midori Gifts

Pet in a Box Building Block Toy

Kids of all ages love their pets, and now you can give them the chance to bond with a unique and sweet Pet in a Box building block toy! Our adorable pet figures come in four different styles, from cats and dogs to bunnies and frogs. Each box includes around 80 pieces for your student to build a special place for their friendly friends. There's even an included cage so they stay safe and sound as you explore together.

A complete enjoyment experience for ages 14 an over, Pet in a Box is perfect for spending time together alone or with friends. With individually crafted pieces that fit perfectly together, there's always something new to discover. It's also great fun constructing a custom home for your pet that will always be remembered, with colors that range from bright and vibrant to soft and natural tones. Get creative, have fun -make lots of precious memories with Pet in a Box!