Pentel PD255 Mechanical Pencil

Introducing the oh-so-cute Pentel PD255 Mechanical Pencil! Aren't we all tired of our pencils running out of lead mid-sentence? This mechanical pencil has got you covered—it uses 0.5mm lead and measures 14.5cm so you can enjoy hours of comfortable writing without worry! Plus, the sleek design comes in three colors: red, blue and black, so it's easy to personalize your favorite style or choose a hue to match your personality.

Bonus points: the twist up eraser! No more annoying rubber nubs sticking out when you don't want them to - just rotate to access the eraser when needed and twist back when you're done. The best part? Both compact size and ease of use make this the perfect tool for students wanting to perfect their handwriting or professionals needing that reliable "study buddy." So what are you waiting for? Check out this cute mechanical pencil today!