Midori Gifts

Pastry Plush


Are you looking for a new cuddle buddy to add to your life? Look no further than Pastry Plush! Our super adorable plushies come in the shape of different pastries - from croissants to pretzels and everything in-between. Each one is soft to the touch and ready for snuggles!

Product Highlights:

Soft & cuddly - Our Pastry Plushies are made with only the finest materials! Enjoy snuggling up with a fluffy croissant, pretzel, or any other pastry of your choice. Each one is huggable and super soft for maximum coziness.

Filled with PP Cotton - Stuffed with premium PP Cotton, your plushy will stay squishy and comfortable for years to come. This ensures that you can always rely on your buddy when you need a hug!

Premium Materials - With careful attention to detail, we design every Pastry Plush friend using high-quality materials. Whether its fabric, stitching or stuffing - nothing but the best is used in our plushies.

Great Gift - Looking for a unique gift? Each Pastry Plush toy comes packaged with love and is guaranteed to make your special someone smile!