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Parent Child Chopstick 5 Set


Introducing the Parent Child Chopstick 5 Set – the perfect addition to every family’s kitchen!

These chopsticks are both stylish and innovative, perfectly blending bright colors with gorgeous designs. Each set comes with two different sizes so everyone in your family can have a pair that fits their hands. And they’re not just good-looking - these chopsticks are made from alloy metal, making them durable and long-lasting.

But what we love best about this set is its cutesy factor! Every stick has its own adorable picture on it, so your little ones will never get their chopsticks mixed up with anyone else’s ever again! You can choose from two different sets when you purchase them – one has five unique animals that your kids will be excited to show off; the other denotes each person of the family with a different symbol. Either way, you'll be sure to bring a bit of fun into your mealtime antics!

Dinnertime doesn't have to be dull anymore with these Parent Child Chopstick 5 Sets! Get these now in order to make meal times more enjoyable for everyone in the family.

Measures: Children 19.5cm, Adult 24.3cm