PaperMore PET Planet Washi Strip

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Bring a little of the wilderness into your home, office, classroom and more with our Papermore PET Wilderness Stickers! These adorably designed stickers are made from environmentally friendly PET paper and come in packages that measure 6 by 35 cm. Our pack of cute critters, sparkling snowflakes, and enchanted landscapes will bring life to any surface instantly! Enjoy the whimsical feel of nature anytime with these fun decorations! They’re perfect for walls, laptops, notebooks, and even hydro flasks! Create your own masterpiece or even coordinate with friends while expressing yourself stylishly with Papermore PET Wilderness Stickers. It won’t be long before you find yourself falling in love with the unique designs of each sticker set. Pick yours up now and start adding some extra charm to any corner of your life!