Noritake Quick Dry Gel Pen 0.5mm


Ready to take on your writing adventures with bold, beautiful and permanent statements? Look no further than the Noritake Quick Dry Gel Pen 0.5mm! This cute and stylish pen is perfect for any occasion. The 0.5mm tip glides along the paper like a dream, providing you with a smooth and consistent line every time. The ink won't smudge either, as it quickly dries after contact with the paper, so there's never an ugly mess hanging around at the end of that important meeting or project. Plus this pen packs a punch - it contains a large capacity ink compared to its size which will last you much longer than regular pens! Available in three bright colors from pink to blooming orange and silver, making it perfect for those times when you want to stand out in style. Get ready to give your notes an edge with this high-performing wonder pen!

Measures: 14.3 cm