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Norino 2-sided tape

Never be stuck without glue again! The Norino Clear Glue Tape from Kokuyo is here to save all your crafty and creative dreams! It's the perfect go-to tool, whether you’re a student looking for an extra accessory to personalise your notebooks or a professional artist creating something special. No matter what you’re making, this tape will take it to the next level with its unique design and extremely sturdy construction.

The Norino Clear Glue Tape comes in six beautiful hues — perfect for injecting a splash of colour into any project. Plus, it has a long length of 8 metres so you can work on all kinds of different things without having to worry about running out of glue! As if that wasn’t enough, it is also 6mm thick and won’t run or smudge when used. So unleash your inner creativity; the Norino Clear Glue Tape has got you covered!