Mgcity Geometric Label Washi Roll Sticker

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Let your creative ideas come to life with Mgcity’s Geometric Label Washi Roll Sticker! With these fun and colorful rolls, you can make every journaling experience that much more memorable. In just a few easy steps, you can decorate, organize, and add personality to all of your notebooks and journals.

Each roll is carefully made using gentle washi tape material. It's malleable enough to make sure that lines stay consistent when writing or drawing on the sticker - perfect for those looking for an extra bit of consistency in their designs! The width measures in at 3 cm, providing a perfect canvas so you can let your imagination run wild! And there's plenty of space too - each roll measures 5 metres in length so you can get creative with as many stickers as your heart desires.

Add some cute appeal to your notes today with Mgcity's Geometric Label Washi Roll Sticker!