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Kokuyo Pan*Case Pencil Case


Enhance your daily organization with the elegantly minimalistic Kokuyo A Little Special Pencil Case. This Japanese-designed marvel is the epitome of style meets function in stationery storage.

Slim Design, Spacious Capacity

Despite its slender silhouette, this pencil case can hold an array of items without bulking up your bag. You'll be amazed by its generous capacity—finally, a sleek home for all your writing instruments, from pencils to markers!

Dual-Sleeve Convenience

Two discreet pocket sleeves adorn each side, offering a tailored space for smaller essentials like paper clips, erasers, or flash drives. Organize and access your items easily, keeping them secure and within reach whenever inspiration strikes.

Central Zipper Compartment

The secure zipper up the center compartment adds an extra layer of organization. It's perfect for those items you want to keep hidden away or less frequently used supplies that need a more dedicated spot.

Washi Tape Friendly

For the creatives who adore sprucing up their notes with washi tape, there's even a dedicated area to keep your rolls organized and tangle-free. A small yet thoughtful touch that makes this pencil case a true standout.

Soft, Durable Corduroy

Fashioned from fine corduroy fabric, it's soft to the touch and brings a tactile delight every time you reach for it. Not just pretty, this material ensures a durable cover that can withstand the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Vivid Color Selection

Choose from five vibrant colors to match your personality and style. Whether it's the boldness of red, the cheerfulness of yellow, the calm of green, the sophistication of grey, or the tranquility of blue, find your perfect partner in creativity and organization.

Signature Kokuyo Quality

Brought to you by the renowned Kokuyo brand, this pencil case is a testament to Japanese design excellence—where every stitch counts, and no detail is too small.

Indulge in the exceptional blend of aesthetics and utility with the Kokuyo A Little Special Pencil Case. Get ready to turn heads and streamline your creative process. Shop now and discover the joy of unparalleled organization wrapped in sumptuous style.