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Kerropi Vinyl Stickers 50pc


Kerropi vinyl stickers are the perfect choice for anyone who loves the iconic Kerropi character and wants to stand out from the crowd! The 50-pack of stickers includes a variety of designs featuring Kerropi in some of its most recognizable poses. With so many different designs to choose from, you can use them to express yourself, accessorize your belongings, or just add a bit of Kerropi-style fun to your life.

Product Highlights:

🐸Waterproof: Get creative! Our Kerropi stickers are perfect for a variety of surfaces, including laptops, water bottles, and more. Durable with a strong adhesive, these waterproof stickers are sure to bring out your unique style.

🐸Vibrant colors: Enjoy 50 vibrant and colorful designs featuring Kerropi in some of its most iconic poses. With the included easy-to-peel backing, you can quickly attach or remove the stickers as needed.

🐸Vinyl material: The durable vinyl material is stickier than paper and offers superior UV protection from fading due to yellowing or discoloration over time. Whether you choose to express yourself on your laptop or with home décor accents, our stickers will always look brand new.

🐸Great gift idea: If you're looking for something special to give a friend or loved one, don't skip on our Kerropi vinyl sticker pack! Perfect for anyone who loves the iconic character and stands out from the crowd, everyone will appreciate this fun and creative gift.