Jiyu Sweet Sweet Stickers

Introducing Jiyu Sweet Sweet Stickers: the newest in adorable stationery decor! With these stickers, you can turn any surface into a colorful canvas crafted with love. From laptops to desktops, notebooks to walls, these PVC-made sweeties are just the thing to bring a bit of extra cuteness into your life.

Enchanting and utterly charming, each sticker is 5 by 15 cm of delightful fun. Whether you’re a fan of cats or cupcakes, unicorns or sea creatures, we have something here that will make your heart sing with joy. Dress up your space with delicate flowers and playful birds, whimsical designs and creative motifs – all sure to put a smile on your face!

Boost any room with an uplifting burst of color from our Jiyu Sweet Sweet