Jiyu Bubble Bunny Stickers

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Looking for some extra cute and fun to put around your house? You're in luck with Jiyu Bubble Bunny Stickers! These adorable stickers are perfect for adding a little something extra special to your typical decor. These big and bold 6 by 16 cm stickers come double packaged with two sets of pages per design - giving you a lot of value!

Each sticker is made with waterproof PET material, so you can use them as decorations, or leave them up outdoors. Your children will also love these stickers – they're so easy to attach on the walls or furniture, creating a beautiful little scene wherever they can be found!

Bring joy and cuteness into your home with the Jiyu Bubble Bunny Stickers. With their bright colors and creative designs, these stickers will bring a little bit more magic into your day-to-day life. Have fun with them – hang them around, give them away as gifts, or stick them all over for an explosive display of cuteness that's sure to make anyone smile!