Infeel.Me Floral Washi Sticker Strip

Transform your journal pages with the InfeelMe Floral Washi Sticker Strips! With four designs to choose from, you can pick the one that best fits your aesthetic and create beautiful visuals of your thoughts and ideas. The wonderful illustrations give a vintage feel, that takes you back to simpler days filled with creative imaginations. No matter where you are in life, let InfeelMe help you express yourself on paper or in whatever creative outlet you may explore!

With its longer size at 6cm by 35cm, these sticker strips allow for enhanced creativity as they provide more space for decoration without limiting expression. And don’t worry if mistake happen - made with washi take material, it's great for writing on and making corrections where needed. So let your personality be expressed through yours; get inspired and unlock your inner creativity when you purchase InfeelMe stickers today!