Infeel.Me Dazzling Sticker

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Are you ready to get dazzled? If so, Infeel.Me has the perfect product for you! Our Dazzling Sticker is sure to bring all sorts of joy and excitement, thanks to its extra sparkle and shine! Measuring 7 by 21.5 cm, this adorable sticker comes with all the cuteness of a firefly in the night. Its glow and shimmer are truly out of this world: an element that adds charm to any outfit or artistic project. Whether you’re making cards for friends, decorating your desk at home or office, or just looking for a way to make something special, our Dazzling Sticker will do the trick. Get ready to feel your happiness exploding with its glamorous flair!

Please note that Peach Heart Shackles, Book of Imprisonment, La La land and Aphobia are glow in the dark! They measure 7.3 by 18cm. Thank you!