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Hedgehog Vinyl Sticker 50pc


Spread some cuteness with Hedgehog Vinyl Sticker! These 50 cute hedgehog stickers will be sure to bring a smile to everyone. You get a great variety of adorable hedgehog designs in a 50pc pack so you can mix and match to create your own unique designs.

Product Highlights:

🦔Waterproof: Our Hedgehog Vinyl Stickers are made of durable, waterproof vinyl that will last! You can apply them anywhere and they won't fade, crack, or peel. 

🦔Vibrant colors: Bring your projects to life with vibrant colors! Our 50-piece set features a variety of cute hedgehog designs in bright, vivid colors that will make any creation pop.

🦔Easy Application: No need for special tools or adhesives! Simply peel the backing and stick the Hedgehog Vinyl Sticker where you want it. They adhere to almost all surfaces with ease.

🦔Great gift idea: Looking for something creative and thoughtful? Our 50pc Hedgehog Vinyl Sticker set makes a great gift for those who love crafting and art. Give your loved ones something unique they'll enjoy!