Midori Gifts

Frog Pin


Introducing Frog Pin, the new and unique pin that is sure to turn heads and give your outfit a stylish and quirky touch! Our pins are beautiful enamel pins, featuring a variety of adorable frogs in different food and drink settings.

Product Highlights:

🐸Enamel - Each Frog Pin is made from a high-quality enamel coating to ensure that each pin can withstand your daily adventures.

🐸High Quality - We take pride in the quality of our product and want to make sure it lasts you a long time, so each pin has a secure back to attach easily and securely.

🐸Easily Attachable - Whether you're using it as an accessory on your shirt pocket, hat, or bag, Frog Pin's secure back makes them easy to attach and take off so you can change up your look whenever you feel like it! 

🐸Great Gift - Frog Pins are perfect for anyone who loves quirky gifts and accessories, making it an ideal present for any occasion, or even just because.