Campus Double Ended Marker Set w/Shapes 6 set

Say hello to the Campus Double Ended Marker Set! Let colors take your notes, drawings and doodles to the next level with this set of 6 totally cute double-ended markers. Our markers are perfect for any artist who loves mixing colors and shapes in their works. With the unique shaped stamp side and precise tip at the opposite end, you’ll never be boxed in – express yourself freely!

Our performance-grade ink dries quickly so you don't have to worry about smearing or smudging when writing or drawing. The pen shape helps you find a comfortable grip for both lefties and righties. Say goodbye to boring office supplies and put a smile on your face with these cute marker sets!

Be it outlining, shading, sketching or simply just having some fun, get ready for more colorful lives with the Campus Double Ended Marker Set w/Shapes 6 set - a must-have for all art enthusiasts from beginners to professionals alike!