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Brush Sign Pen Artist Ultra Fine

Brush Sign Pen Artist Ultra Fine

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Pentel Artist Brush Sign Pen Ultra Fine. An ultra sharp point brush pen, perfect for delicate line work or dramatic lettering.

About this item

  • Vibrant colours are blendable and washable, capable of creating a full hue and value range similar to watercolour
  • Sable like tip offers the most control and precision anywhere
  • Perfect for highly detailed and expressive sketches, comic inking and colouring, and professional illustration
  • Integrates seamlessly with Sign Pen Brush
  • Will not dry out if left uncapped and can be cleaned with a paper towel
  • ACMI Certified Nontoxic
  • Part of Pentel’s exclusive Recycology line of recycled products. Over 50% of the materials used to create these products were recycled materials.
  • Water based ink
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