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Blueberry Party Gel Ink Pen Black 0.5mm


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Introducing the new Blueberry Party Gel Ink Pen Black 0.5mm – the perfect addition to your writing arsenal at home or in the office! With its smooth, gel ink writing, you’ll be free from the fear of smudged lines and ink smears while still enjoying a beautiful black line on the page. Plus, with six different options to choose from, each featuring an adorable blueberry design, you can express your individual style, no matter your writing needs. Whether you're jotting down notes in class, writing a letter to a friend, or doodling at work, you'll do it with flair, thanks to the Blueberry Party Gel Ink Pen Black 0.5mm. Get yours today and let your writing shine!

Product Highlights:

🫐 0.5mm tip - Precision writing perfect for drawing and colouring! The ultra fine-point tip of this pen helps ensure your writing is always neat and precise, whether for notes or artwork.

🫐 Writes smoothly - Experience smooth, gel ink writing with no smudges or smears! Enjoy how the gel-based ink flows effortlessly for a beautiful writing experience every time.

🫐 Quality Design - Durable and ideal for long lasting use. It even comes in a variety of fun colours featuring an adorable blueberry design for extra flair.

🫐 Great gift - Makes an excellent addition to any office toolkit, great for kids to doodle their favourite characters, and the perfect present to brighten someone’s day!