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B5 Study Cornell Tearable Notepad 30pg


Discover a new level of organization with the B5 Study Cornell Tearable Notepad. Designed for students, professionals, and anyone who values efficient note-taking, this notepad brings together functionality and convenience in a sleek and practical format.

Key Features:

📝 Daily Organiser: Transform your daily planning with the Cornell method, a proven system that enhances your note-taking and study efficiency. The B5 Study Cornell Notepad is meticulously crafted to help you structure your thoughts, tasks, and to-dos in a coherent and streamlined manner. 

📝 Easy Tear: No more messy edges or torn pages! Our easy-tear design allows you to remove pages cleanly and effortlessly, preserving the integrity of your notes. Need to share information or hand in an assignment? Simply tear out the page and present it, knowing it will look neat and professional every time.

📝 30 Pages: With 30 pages of premium quality paper, this notepad offers ample space for your daily notes, plans, and reflections. Each page is robust enough to withstand frequent use yet lightweight enough to carry around.