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Alloy Chopstick 5 Set Round Pastels


Introducing our Alloy Chopstick 5 Set Round Pastels! These chopsticks will add a splash of colour and style to any table setting. Made from high-quality alloy metal, these chopsticks are both durable and lightweight, making them perfect for everyday use.

Product Highlights:

失 Quality Alloy Metal - Our chopsticks are made from quality alloy metal, making them both lightweight and durable. This allows for easy manoeuvring around your food and ensures a comfortable grip. Perfect for everyday use!

失 Dishwasher Safe - Not only are they stylish but also convenient! You dont have to worry about washing these chopsticks by hand every time. They can easily be popped into the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.

失 Comfortable - Comfort is key with our chopstick sets! We've designed them with an ergonomic grip that's perfect for long term use. You'll never experience any wrist strain or discomfort when using our chopsticks.

失 Great Gift - Looking for a thoughtful gift? Look no further than these beautiful alloy chopsticks. Packaged in a classic black box with gold accents, this set makes an ideal present for someone special or even yourself!