Midori Gifts

21" 8 Bone Fruit Compact Umbrella


Introducing the 21" 8 Bone Fruit Compact Umbrella, your ultimate travel companion for those rainy days. This is not just an umbrella, it's a blend of convenience, functionality, and style that's ready to go wherever you do.

This umbrella boasts a super compact design, perfect for those always on the move. Whether you're commuting to work, traveling, or simply out and about, it conveniently fits into any bag or purse. Now, unpredictable weather won't catch you off guard.

Our umbrella stands out with its automatic open feature. No more grappling with your umbrella in the rain – with a simple push of a button, it pops open, ready to protect you from the elements.

But there's more – our umbrella also lets you express your unique style. Choose from five different fun designs, each featuring vibrant fruit prints. Whether you love the tropical appeal of limes or the sweet charm of peaches, there's a design to suit your preference.

The 21" 8 Bone Fruit Compact Umbrella is all about combining practicality with a touch of fun. Choose your favorite fruit design today and stay prepared to stay dry, anywhere, anytime!