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XIXI Cleansing Balm Milk


Do you dread the time after long nights to take off your makeup? XIXI Cleansing Balm Milk is here for you! Apply this silky cream to your face and watch your makeup melt away. This gentle balm will easily remove all sorts of foundation, eye makeup, and even those pesky waterproof mascara clumps. When you’re done, simply rinse with warm water and you’ll have a smooth, clean face that’s ready for bed.

With XIXI Cleansing Balm Milk, your skin won’t suffer from rough scrubbing or harsh cleansers. It’s uniquely formulated to cleanse both gently and effectively so that even the most sensitive skin can use it without any irritation or redness. 

Come experience true ease when taking off your makeup when you purchase XIXI Cleansing Balm Milk today! It's time to give yourself a break from harsh cleansers and hard scrubbing - it's time for XIXI!