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White Deer Princess Cross Stitch

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Cross stitch has been around for ages and it's one of the easiest forms of hand embroidery to learn. The X-shaped stitches are done on fabric with an even, open weave that can be decorated in any design you wish - traditional or modern day designs are available as well!

With the Midori Kit, you'll never be without a pattern again. All that's left for your creativity is to add in some stitches and voila! You have an finished product ready to show off on whatever surface catches someone’s eye first; whether its as decoration or something more practical like blocking paper towel rolls at home so they don't get wet when using them outside--the possibilities really do seem limitless with this unique cross-stitch kit: assembled only minimum necessary components are required making it easy enough even beginners can start stitching quickly while still getting great results without spending too much money upfront