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Pokemon Pikachu Beach Statue


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Are you looking for the cutest beach accessory this summer? Look no further than the Pokemon Pikachu Beach Statue! These delightful statues stand 4cm tall and are made of resin, sure to last all summer long. With several designs to choose from, there's something that's sure to fit your style. Show your love for Pikachu with these fun little beach buddies– perfect for any die-hard Pokemon fan! Whether it’s a gift for a special friend or just a treat for yourself, these adorable statues add some extra personality to your day at the beach. Now your favorite electric Pokemon can join you in the sun, sand and surf! So don't miss out - these cute little pals won't be in stores forever. Get one (or many!) today and level up your beach game!

We will do our best to find a statue that matches your preferences. We sometimes run out, but in those cases a random one will be chosen for you!