Papermore PET Wilderness Stickers

Ready to turn your projects into an enchanted forest? Look no further than Papermore's PET Wilderness Stickers. These delightful stickers feature a variety of gorgeous wildflowers, lush foliage, and charming sunshine. Let your projects come alive with these beautiful adornments!

Each package of PET Wilderness Stickers measures 35 by 6 cm, making them perfect for all types of creative projects. You can simply stick them directly onto paper, or get more crafty and use it as part of a collage. For even more fun, place one sticker inside each letter when composing a homemade card - your friends will love it!

These adorable stickers are printed on high-quality polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film and are designed to last. They can be used in scrapbooks and on notebooks, windows, walls, ceramics mugs and plates ... the possibilities are endless!

So go ahead - let these cheerful PET Wilderness Stickers take your imagination for a spin! Whether you're looking for something sweet or something sublimely whimsical, let Papermore brighten up your day with this unique collection of floral-themed stickers.