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Orchid Blue Building Block


The Orchid Blue Building Block is perfect for anyone looking to bring the beauty of an Orchid bouquet into their home with a unique twist! Its vibrant and colourful design makes sure to draw the eye and bring the room to life. The building blocks make it an incredibly fun activity to assemble and display the Orchid bouquet, and the finished product can be a beautiful and eye-catching centrepiece in any home.

Product Highlights:

🌺 Colourful - The Orchid Blue Building Block is designed to be a vibrant and colourful centrepiece for your home. With its deep blues and purples, you can be sure that wherever you place it, it will draw the eye!

🌺 Easy-to-follow instructions - Don’t worry if you haven’t done a building set before! The instructions are easy to follow so that anyone can easily assemble the block. Just make sure you have all the pieces and follow along with the provided diagrams!

🌺 Great gift - Looking for something special for someone who already has everything? This makes an amazing gift for any occasion – birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries…or just because!