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Morandi Chopsticks 5 Set


Introducing the Morandi Chopsticks 5 Set! Everyone's favorite meal-time companion is here and comes with an exciting twist – each chopstick in the set is uniquely colored, giving you plenty of lovely choices to pick from. There's one for everyone in the family!

These pretty chopsticks are just what your kitchen table needs to bring it to life. With each of them patterned differently, you can easily find your favorite one and never be embarrassed at the dinner table again when trying to find yours! Plus, cleaning up won't be a bother either; all these chopsticks are dishwasher safe for easy maintenance.

Bring home this cute, stylish collection of chopsticks today and add some extra charm to your everyday dining. Whether you're having a fancy dinner or snacking on some snacks, these lovely chopsticks will make your experience that much better!

Measures 24.3cm in length