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Kiki's Towels

Discover Kiki's Towels and experience the magical world of Kiki's Delivery Service! Vibrant, dreamy, and full of activity, each towel features 4 delicate panels of vibrant colors that place you in Koriko Town - just like in the classic Ghibli movie. You'll spot a little Jiji amongst the town and colorful flowers that really bring each corner to life so you can practically feel Kiki flying above it all!

Kiki's Towels are hand-embroidered with only the best quality materials so it’s as amazing in your home as it is on screen. Soft to the touch, these towels come in two sizes to ensure there’s something special for everyone in this enchanting collection. Get ready to be whisked away into a charming world like you’ve never seen before and explore all Kiki has to offer!