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Fuzzy Bear Gel Ink Pen 0.5mm


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Say goodbye to boring pens and hello to our Fuzzy Bear Gel Ink Pen! It’s the perfect tool to make your notes and sketches come alive. With its 0.5mm black ink, you can be sure that your writing and drawings have the precision you need. And what will turn heads in class is definitely its furry design - choose between four cuddly colors: pink, brown, grey, and white. But wait, there’s more! Our pen holds a lot of ink so you don’t have to keep refilling it mid-session or class giving it an extra edge over other gel pens in the market.

Whether you’re jotting down last-minute homework assignments or doodling artwork for a project, our Fuzzy Bear Gel Ink Pen has got you covered. With its hard-wearing tip and vivid color palette this pen is a must-have for any student looking for a creative writing tool with personality.

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