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Fork and Spoon Children Set


Introducing the cutest fork and spoon set for your little one! Your little one will have so much fun with this Fork and Spoon Children Set. This unique set of two can be combined together to make a super cute set of pincers. Not only is it adorable, but it's also quality-made and safe for your child to use.

Your child will want to eat meals with their new fork and spoon just to show off these fun tools! They'll love that the shape of the tools makes it easy for them to use - even if they don't have precise motor skills yet. Plus, it's so convenient that you can easily clip both pieces together into one when storing or traveling with them.

The Fork and Spoon Children Set is educational too - as your little one plays around with their new tools, they'll practice essential fine motor skills such as gripping, pinching, and manipulating utensils. Plus, it's designed from a BPA-free material that's dishwasher safe for an easier clean up time - perfect for busy parents! Let your child enjoy mealtimes again with this stylish Fork and Spoon Children Set!

Measures 13 cm , Comes with plastic case!