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Dual Layer 1700ml Stainless Steel Bento

Make your lunchtime perfect with this Dual Layer 1700ml Stainless Steel Bento! This adorable bento box has two layers, giving you ample space to pack all the delicious food you need for a satisfying meal. Plus, it's made of stainless steel so it'll keep your food nicely stored at just the right temperature. In addition to the stylish design, it comes in three fun colors – pink, blue, and green – so you can pick your favorite hue and look fashionable while chowing down.

To make lunch prep even easier, the bottom layer of this bento features an innovative heating system - all you have to do is lift up the stainless steel container and pour in some hot water to heat up your meal! And don’t worry about finding utensils – this bento even comes with a pair of reusable chopsticks and spoon included! So don't settle for anything less when it comes time to prepare for lunch - get your hands on a Dual Layer 1700ml Stainless Steel Bento today and start enjoying scrumptious meals all throughout the day.