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Capybara Vinyl Sticker 50pc


Introducing Capybara Vinyl Sticker 50pc! Get 50 unique and adorable Capybara designs in this one-of-a-kind pack of stickers. Each one is full of character and showcases the whimsical charm of capybaras in a variety of fun and creative designs.

Product Highlights:

🦫Waterproof: Our Capybara Vinyl Sticker 50pc is waterproof, making it ideal for outdoor and indoor decorations. They stay intact and vibrant no matter what kind of weather!

🦫Vinyl Material: Made using high-quality, durable vinyl material that lasts for a long time. Enjoy the vibrant colors that come with each one without fading or cracking.

🦫Vibrant Colors: Perfectly show off your favorite Capybara designs in this pack of 50 unique stickers with their vibrant colors and delightful details.

🦫Easy Application: Backing makes it easy to peel and stick them onto any flat surface. Display your favorites on bikes, skateboards, notebooks, laptops, phones, and more!

🦫Great Gift Idea: These Capybara Vinyl Stickers make great gifts for any occasion! Give them as birthday presents, graduation gifts or simply surprise your loved ones with something special.