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Asian Dragon Plush 70cm

Introducing the Asian Dragon Plush 70cm! This adorable, mythical dragon is anything but fierce – and it’s sure to be your go-to pal for fun adventures and cozy cuddles.

Featuring a soft, brown body with sweet orange details, each dragon measures an impressive 70cm so you can bring it with you everywhere you go! These dragons make great companions for students of all ages who want to brighten their home or add a bit of mythical flair to their everyday lives.

The beautiful detail makes this dragon plush a special keepsake for any student who loves fantasy and adventure. The perfect gift for kids who need more cheer in their lives, the Asian Dragon Plush is sure to delight them! Plus, there’s something about its oversized size that just makes everyone smile.

Bring a little joy into the life of someone special today - order your Asian Dragon Plush 70cm now!